Assent // Ascent

17th March 2017, XCHC

seeking equilibrium but also impossibility of equilibrium // opposing freedoms // different forms of tension and release and not adding a value to that // autobiographical? // finding healthy ways of healing // personal release presented as a physical release by presenting your release // even though we’re physically restrained we’re being released // euphoric freedom and physical liberation // the closer i get to freeing myself the more painful // the more bound i am the more free // i rely on the ropes // the less bound to physicality i am // for all the science and shit it’s quite simple // political // alternative modes of release // inflicting pain on ourselves to become free // confronting // vulnerable // descriptive of society // labour // emotional labour to get by // queer spectrum // displaying bodies as defiance and vulnerability // power in vulnerability


photos by Lison Colin and Janneth Gil


Patricia Parkin is an emerging Christchurch based artist working predominantly in performance and digital media, including photography, design, and text. They recently graduated Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design with a BFA, and previously completed an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art at Design and Arts College of New Zealand. Their practice is influenced by their fascination of self-archive normalized by social media and the contradictions of connections within social media.

Audrey Baldwin’s practice is predominantly performance based and centres around the body as a fraught space of constant contention. She investigates themes of identity, power and control through binaries such as gender, public/private and abject/erotic. Everyday actions are key fodder for reframing in an absurd or ritualistic manner that aims to destabilise entrenched ideologies.