It’s time to step it up

That said, since returning, I’ve felt compelled to articulate some things that have been bouncing round my brain over the past week. As I mentioned in my talk during the conference, it's not the role of those who are disadvantaged by a system to educate those who benefit from it at their expense. So my fellow palagi, I'm talking to you.

Gateway: The Paranoid World of Vaporware

The blending of our IRL and URL subjective experience of reality is in a way, proof of the promised land of the future metropolis as envisioned in the 20th century. The slow bleed of URL into IRL will continue its metamorphose, it begins with our minds and our ego, and it slowly extends to reshape our experience of our intersubjective realities (Harari, 2016). One’s lived experience of the fitbit and the undeniable truth of the smart-fridge.